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Moms on the Loose

Jun 24, 2019

Rachel Daugherty is a woman on a mission... to encourage people to see cannabis in a different light. She is the founder of Fine Healing Goods, a line of high end, full-spectrum hemp products... A.K.A AMAZING CBD-LACED PAMPER PRODUCTS that not only make you look good but make you feel ooohhh soooo relaxed. Britt and Betsy can both attest to the results and having great skin AND a chilled personality is a win for everyone, am I right?

The Moms on the Loose sit down with Rachel to talk all about CBD products, dispel some myths (No, CBD will not make you high), get a little science lesson about the cannabis plant and the correct vocabulary we need to be using, and why we think every mom could use a little bit of this magic in their daily wellness routine. If you already know the benefits of CBD, you will love the episode and be sharing it with all your friends. If you are a skeptic (which Rachel was before starting her empire), then this episode is a must-listen.

To check out the entire Fine Healing Goods line and read all about the organic, transparent, and high-quality products make sure to check out and follow @finehealinggoods on Instagram.

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